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    • Travelers' Century Club®
      8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 102
      Los Angeles, CA 90045
      Mailing Address:
      P.O. Box 2297
      Cupertino, CA 95015
      Tel: (888) 822-0228
      Email: info@xofar3.wcbzw.com
      TCC Forum is a private social networking site for members only. More info here »
    • Officers

      Timothy Skeet
      Steven Fuller
      JoAnn Schwartz
      Margo Bart
    • Executive Board

      Christopher Hudson
      Stefan Krasowski
      Michael Sholer










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      Engraved name tags with the TCC logo and magnetic backing cost $13.50. When ordering, tell us exactly how you want your name to appear on the tag.

      These items are available exclusively to full TCC members. Order online (see link below), or mail your request to TCC headquarters with a check for the appropriate amount in U.S. currency. Shipping is included.

      Click to order »

    • Upcoming Events & Chapter Meetings

      September 12
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      • Charter Chapter (Orange County)

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      • Northern California

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      • Eastern Canada (Toronto)

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      September 26
      • Missouri (Kansas City)


      September 27
      • United Kingdom (London)

        Chapter info »

      • Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

        Chapter info »

      October 10
      • Mediterranean (Famagusta)

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    President Tim Skeet and TCC Board Members Attended Virtual Canada Chapter Meeting in May

    Let’s Meet Virtually! NorCal Chapter to Hold July 2023 Meetings Online

    Pacific Northwest Members Invited to June 7 Online Gathering

    Six Nations Represented at February 2023 Mediterranean Chapter Meeting


    Report From the January 2023 Washington DC Chapter Gathering

    An Invitation to the June 2023 Charter Chapter Meeting [Cancelled]

    Dates for 2023 Charter Chapter Meetings

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    ‘Social Distancing’ Prompts Virtual Meeting of Pacific Northwest and Western Canada TCC Members


    • The Travelers' Century Club® is a nonprofit social organization representing world travelers who have visited 100 or more of the world's countries and territories. Click About the TCC for information about club activities and membership benefits.
    • The Austral Islands have been added to the list of TCC destinations

    • Member Jinsheng Han recently returned from a cruise to Antarctica

    • Social distancing has not stopped TCC members from meeting

    • Member Wen-Hung Kuo checking Niue off his list

    • 永久免费梯子加速器

      A winter gathering of TCC members in Bradenton, Florida

    • 永久免费梯子加速器

      Member Jack Goldstein with Sandy Cohen in Dubrovnik in February

    • An Eastern Canada TCC Chapter meeting in Toronto

    • 永久免费梯子加速器

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    • MALTA MEETING UPDATE: Booking deposits are now being accepted for the May 2021 International Meeting taking place in the beautiful country of Malta. Event info and deposit form here »


    A Message From the President

    Today is April 10th, 2023, barely a soul on earth is traveling internationally. Can you believe that? We are grounded.

    What has happened? Future TCC members reading this message 50 years down the road need to know that the world has just been brought to its knees by a cunning virus known as Covid-19! This bloody virus is affecting every community on earth and the results are unraveling everything good about travel.

    So what can possibly be relevant to readers in six weeks when the Centurian is published? Many of you know I am an “airline guy” with a 25-year career in aviation. I’ve seen a lot having been in the front and centre during SARs, the shoe bomber, and even 9/11. However, this is so much different. The ramifications of this plague feel biblical.

    Allow me to offer a perspective of what brought us to this moment. It all started with Australia and the United States becoming the first countries to place a ban on entry to citizens and residents of China at the end of January. How does an airline manage these restrictions?

    Airlines and travel agents use an IATA online tool called Timatic. Quite simply, this is a system that verifies a passenger’s details (travel documents) and compares these to his destination and transit requirements. Compliance is key. Border control regulations determine a traveller’s eligibility to continue and it is imperative that both travellers and the airline stay current with changes.

    There have been moderate border changes over the past few decades, but most of these have made it significantly easier for passport holders to see the world. Timatic updates usually occur once a month and are barely noticeable.

    So what happened in February? Many other countries followed the original ban and did the same. However, this then progressed to isolating residents and citizens of Iran and Italy. Italy? One of our favourite travel destinations on earth?

    Timatic updates of systematic closure of borders that happened once a week at first quickly advanced—like the virus—to every few days.The biggest blow was the global pandemic announcement on March 11th. Updates now streamed in daily until it felt logarithmic. Most of my time was occupied with briefing staff on an update and awaiting the next update. It was insanity!

    By March, European Schengen nations were being blocked off from the world, and then the unimaginable occurred. Countries ordered their citizens to return home immediately. Phones were busy and the airport lines endless. This worked for most, but for some it resulted in despair. I specifically remember speaking to an Indian family on mixed passports who could not travel back to India because their infant held a Canadian passport.Truly heartbreaking.

    Later, TCC members reached out to share their struggle to return home. Avi Ivan was fortunate to catch the last flight out of São Tomé to Lisbon and then home to the United States. It took a small miracle for our most traveled Chinese member Jinsheng Han to get home to Shanghai on April 4th after several attempted routings from Mexico. And then we have Art Smith who has been stranded in Saudi Arabia since March 12th. There is no end to his visit in sight. What does he do?

    It no longer feels like the world is closing. It is closed! Mostly domestic flights remain, the airports are empty and travel is now paralyzed.

    We have so many questions, but “how do we restart international travel?” seems to be most relevant to global airlines. I don’t have an answer but I predict domestic travel will return first, and then countries will relax Timatic requirements based on similar health policies. This is not going to be easy.

    However, I do offer hope which can be found in club fraternity. For the first time in club history, almost every member is at home. I’m already inspired by what I see—so many of you are connecting online and sharing stories. If you have not been able to participate, contact us and we will be pleased to help.

    And I challenge you. You are among the greatest world travellers! Better than anyone else, you know how to overcome obstacles. In- spire your family, friends, colleagues and community, and be the leaders in restoring global confidence in travel.

    More than ever … World travel is the pass- port to peace through understanding.

    Blessings and happy travels (soon)!


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    Congratulations David! You’ve won a year of free dues! The theme for June was “children.” Thanks to everybody who sent in their wonderful photos. The theme for our September 2023 contest is “My Hometown/Backyard.” Click for contest details »

    Photo: David Netzer

    As I took this photo near the Mingun Bodawpaya Pagoda in Burma. After viewing the pagoda on a tour to Myanmar on October 2, 2013, I saw these young monk children enjoying ice cream cones in the back of a pickup truck. The picture means a lot to me because I had just seen them in front of the Pagoda where they were posing for a group photo, and now just minutes later from such a religious setting, they were huddled in the back of a pickup truck, enjoying ice cream like any other children in the world. It reminded me that we meet people on our travels that are different from us, but we still share many of the same rituals and delights.


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    Photo: Laura Lorman

    While visiting Uganda we stayed at Lake Bunyonyi and took a day trip to visit a Pigmy village that was at the other end of the lake and up a steep climb to the top a mountain.The village had a grade school which we were invited to see and one of the classes we went to was an English class where the students were shy at seeing us but soon started to laugh and giggle as they practiced their lesson in front of us. It is one of my favorite memories of Uganda.

    Knut Jostein Berglyd, Oslo, Norway

    Photo: Knut Jostein Berglyd

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